About Us

  • 60

    Year of Tea Experience

  • 20

    Year of Export Experience

  • 60

    Country of Sales

With sixty years of tea experience and over 20year of export experience ,and enthusiasm, our local tea experts are dedicated to crafting innovative and premium teas. Our teas are from the very best resource, Lugu and Sun-Link-Sea, Nantou, Taiwan. Selling to over 60 counties, we would like to take more premium Taiwan tea to the world.


BOBA CHiC always hopes to make beverage close to the taste of life. by using “Lifestyles” to bring out “Personal Taste.” Taste should not be a deluxe image, should not be a symbol of status, not to mention an image built by money. It should be “a taste that belongs all to yourself!” It should be “a state where you feel the most comfortable.” TASTE is a feeling that you and me personally like.

In this trending era filled with tea shops, BOBA CHiC does not blindly follow trends, bringing the pride of Taiwan, which has been sold to more than 60 foreign countries, back to Taiwan. Introducing step by step to our own family, friends and locals! May your confident attitude be the norm. May your life be CHiC!


In 2020, the pandemic caught people off guard and our lives were disrupted. BOBA CHiC decided to transform to E-commerce, changing designs and packaging of hand-shaken drinks sold in shops into those sold online.

We have changed so much, but the only thing unchanged is the insistence on planting tea leaves in self-owned tea plantation in Songboling Mountain and making tea in self-owned tea factory. Despite the high labor cost and complicated manufacture, BOBA CHiC still insists on “one-tip two-leaf”, the way of manually harvesting. Because we believe, only through the warm process of manual harvest and tea-making techniques passed down after three generations, the exquisite flavor of Taiwan tea leaves can be thoroughly presented. This is how BOBA CHiC insists on bringing TASTE to everyone’s life!

Keeping tabs at all levels, and insisting on what should be insisted are what BOBA CHiC does to be oneself. Welcome everyone to be BOBA CHiC to present yourself and express yourself!