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  • 60

    Year of Tea Experience

  • 20

    Year of Export Experience

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    Country of Sales

With sixty years of tea experience and over 20year of export experience ,and enthusiasm, our local tea experts are dedicated to crafting innovative and premium teas. Our teas are from the very best resource, Lugu and Sun-Link-Sea, Nantou, Taiwan. Selling to over 60 counties, we would like to take more premium Taiwan tea to the world.

No matter what you call it, pearl milk tea or boba, BOBA CHiC believes that authentic Taiwanese hand-shaken drinks must be shaken!
We Shake with Confidence.

Every cup is made with real ingredients, sourced and blended in Taiwan from our own tea plantations.

We Shake with Healing.

Every sip is full of satisfaction, with a taste of local flavor and Taiwanese culture.

We Shake with Justice.

Every day we develop products that are both delicious and environmentally friendly.

Boba Milk Tea Kit
Cheese Foam Bubble Tea Kit
We are Taiwanese boba drinks trend masters, sharing the authentic
Taiwanese bubble tea home kit!
100% Made In Taiwan
Self-Owned Tea Plantation
The Most Flavors & Local ustomization
International Certification & Low Carbon Packaging

Partnering with the third-generation of tea master, we not only have exclusive high-mountain tea making techniques, but also incorporate various Taiwanese plants and herbs into the roasting process, and co-develop and create the world's first butterfly ginger tea series with BOBA CHiC!

We safely manage each type of tea leaf. From tea plantation cultivation, tea making process, and factory packaging to shipment, it is all subject to strict control by farmers, tea makers, and food and safety inspectors. Giving you a trusted and quality tea leaf of bubble tea home kit is our mission.

Tea production traceability address: 35-1 Longfeng Alley, Dayuanli, Shuili Township, Nantou County

Delicious and healing, Safe First Choice!

BOBA CHiC has won a world-renowned award, and is highly recognized internationally.
In 2023, the Black Rice Matcha series, which is a healthy product with no additives, won the 2-star A.A Taste Award.