Join BOBA CHiC and Become a Part of the Taiwanese Bubble Tea Trend

BOBA CHiC sincerely invites global distributors and agents to join our family. As the trendsetter of Taiwanese bubble tea, we are committed to providing the most authentic Taiwanese DIY bubble milk tea kits, so that consumers all over the world can enjoy a cup of authentic Taiwanese bubble tea anytime, anywhere.
Our brand spirit is to promote Taiwanese bubble tea culture to the world. Through high-quality products and innovative DIY kits, we allow every consumer to experience the fun of making Taiwanese bubble tea. We are looking for global partners who share the same vision with us to jointly develop the market and create infinite business opportunities.
As our distributor or agent, you will enjoy comprehensive support and training to ensure that you can successfully promote BOBA CHiC's products. We believe that through our cooperation, we can let more people experience the unique charm of Taiwanese bubble tea.
Benefits of partnering with BOBA CHiC:
  1. Premium Quality: BOBA CHiC is renowned for its commitment to using premium ingredients, ensuring an exceptional bubble tea experience for customers.
  2. Brand Recognition: Our brand has gained significant popularity and recognition within the bubble tea industry, making it an attractive addition to your store's product lineup.
  3. Consumer Demand: Bubble tea has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years, with a dedicated and enthusiastic customer base. By offering our DIY kit, you can tap into this demand and cater to the increasing number of bubble tea lovers.
  4. Convenience: The BOBA CHiC Bubble Tea DIY Kit provides an easy and hassle-free way for customers to enjoy bubble tea without the need to visit a dedicated tea shop. This convenience will appeal to busy individuals and those who prefer the comfort of their homes.
  5. Marketing Support: We are committed to supporting our retail partners through joint marketing efforts, including social media promotion, in-store displays, and targeted advertising campaigns. We believe in collaborative marketing to ensure the success of our partners.
If you are interested in becoming a part of BOBA CHiC and want to join hands to promote Taiwanese bubble tea culture to the world, please contact us. We look forward to working with you to achieve this beautiful vision.