Cheese Foam Bubble Tea Kit


Creamy cheese foam bubble tea, only 30 seconds, you can enjoy perfect heavy bubble cheese foam milk tea at home.

BOBA CHiC cheese foam bubble tea kit-

  • Cheese foam powder|25g x 3 bags
  • Instant black tea powder|25g x 3 bags
  • BOBA CHiC instant boba| 30g x 3bags
  • Straws in independent packaging| x3
Product Description:

Introducing our Cheese Foam Bubble Tea Kit, a delightful set that allows you to create your own creamy and indulgent bubble tea at home. This kit includes all the essentials you need to make a perfect cup of bubble tea, including the creamy cheese foam topping. With our easy-to-follow instructions, you can craft your own bubble tea creations and enjoy the rich and creamy sensation of cheese foam combined with the fun and chewy tapioca pearls. Elevate your bubble tea experience with our Cheese Foam Bubble Tea Kit.

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